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Program Contact Point
General Inquiry for Foreign Investors Please contact your nearest KOTRA Business Center Click here to find your nearest KBC Center
Opening Ceremony & Global Investment Forum
Welcoming Reception
Investment Strategy Team Hanna Kim

+82-2-3460-3278 /

Se Ho Jung

+82-2-3460-7828 /

FEZ Forum Doo Uk Choi

+82-2-3460-7833 /

Industry Forum 1
Parts and Materials
Byung Eun Yoon

+82-2-3460-7852 /

Industry Forum 2
Electric&Autonomous Vehicles Forum
International Electric Vehicle Expo Wangkeun Lee

+82-64-702-1580 /

Industry Forum 3
Aviation Industry Investment Forum
Key Industry Investment Promotion Team So Jeong Kim

+82-2-3460-7725 /

Business Partnering Service Industry Investment Promotion Team Sung Sik Lim

+82-2-3460-3284 /

Startup Korea 2019 New Industry Investment Promotion Team Min Seung Jang

+82-2-3460-7795 /

Job Fair Foreign Firm Employment Support Team Hye Su Lee

+82-2-3460-7875 /

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Journalist Program Investment Public Relations Team So Sun Kim

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Site visits Investment Strategy Team TBD